About us


RESPECT | create a climate of trust.

TEAMWORK | collaboration and sense of belonging.

INTEGRITY | honesty and transparency.



We aim for manufacturing excellence in order to be a partner of choice to fabricate and assemble value-added metal parts that require a multitude of manufacturing processes.



To be a high-performance, state-of-the-art manufacturer of finished (ready-to-use) metal products.

ISE metal map

On the cutting edge of sheet metal fabrication

Founded in 1934, ISE was originally  exclusively a metal stamping company supporting the automotive and appliance industries.

Acquired by Robert Henderson in 1994, ISE has since expanded its capabilities from stamping to laser cutting, machining and complex assemblies on an international scale. His vision has grown the enterprise to what is now over 600 employees working in 11 production locations over Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Covering a wide range of industries, ISE prides itself on the superb customer service it provides its clients all year round. Our team offers strong technical knowledge and the production capabilities to bring the solutions our customers require.